Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Sorcerer's Ring Series by Morgan Rice

This series is a combination of the Lord of the Rings meets the Sword in the Stone meets Chronicles of Narnia. It is a fantasy based series with dragons, wizards, sea creatures, monsters, friends,  feuding kings, druids, true love, courage, betrayal, redemption and destiny. The story starts with a boy named Thor who desires to be part of the King's circle of knights. He is turned down but ventures to the King's castle to prove he is capable of being in the highly selective King's Legion. There Thor meets the King's daughter Gwen and falls in love. In the meantime the King's children are awaiting the announcement of who will inherit the kingdom from their father. Godfrey the middle child is determined to take the kingdom. The Queen is highly against this love match of Thor & Gwen tries to persuade the King to send Thor back to his own city and begs Gwen to break ties with Thor. The King has accepted Thor as his own son and has accepted him into the castle to live. At the end of the book the King has been killed and Thor is blamed being taken into the dungeons.

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