Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stephanie Plum Series

There are currently 20 Stephanie Plum novels and 4 in between the number Plum novels. I am currently about to start book 15. This series is written by Janet Evanovich. Each novel has made me laugh, roll my eyes and empathize with Miss Plum and her wacky adventures. The other characters also make these books a great, fast read. Stephanie's on/off again boyfriend Joe Morelli, sidekick and work partners Lula and Ranger, Grandma Mazur are just a few of the quirky characters. The basic storyline is that Miss Plum has become a bounty hunter in order to make ends meet. The problem is she is not a good bounty hunter and has the worst luck in getting herself into some sticky situations in which case Morelli and Ranger have to help her out of.

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